Opportunity with Hexa Tetra Technology

Renewable energy advancements are getting less expensive, through mechanical change and through the advantages of large scale manufacturing and market rivalry. As the expense of renewable energy falls, the extent of practical applications increases. The drive to create a world with 100% renewable energy, has been pushed by changes in global temperatures, rises in public climate concerns, and fears of the natural limits to the earths supplies. Hexa Tetra technology and its market introduction has an effective and real solution to battle increases in energy issues today. Along with advantages stated in the Applications and Technology pages, Hexa Tetra technology additionally provides the following opportunities:

  1. The engine will be more efficient than the conventional propeller with similar performance. It is known that the efficiency of a propeller is limited due to the fact that a large part of the energy is converted into circulation energy of water whereas only the longitudinal component is causing the driving force. The Hexa Tetra technology creates no circulation energy and the driving force is almost completely longitudinal and unidirectional.
  2. The Hexa Tetra propeller will be more compact than a conventional propeller giving the same performance. It is known that a propeller is working best when the blades are big and the rotation is kept relatively slow. The Hexa Tetra propeller will provide more flexible engineering with respect of dimensions and speed ratios.
  3. The Hexa Tetra technology works bidirectional in full symmetry. The forward and reverse properties are exactly in symmetry.

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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

On the 25th of September 2015, the UN created a set of goals in order to protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all, as part of a new agenda in sustainable development. Each one of these goals has its own targets to be reached in the next 15 years. For these goals to be achieved, governments, organizations, companies, civil society and the private sector, will need to do their part. Hexa Tetra is capable of helping in achieving these goals by connecting its technology and opportunity to 8 different UN Sustainable Development Goals. Hexa Tetra technology can contribute to achieving 8 or these 17 UN Goals found on http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/