Applications of HTP Technology

Hexa Tetra has developed a new unique propulsion system that allows existing propulsion systems to be replaced and effectively doubling the performance of the propulsion devices. Propulsion devices are very traditional without much innovation – until Hexa Tetra entered the market. Hexa Tetra can replace ship propellers, wind turbine rotors, pump impellers, etc. the number of applications is quite wide. Hexa Tetra is currently focusing on marine, pumps and wind as the first three main markets.

As many continue to invest in the future of greener and more environmentally friendly technology, Hexa Tetra technology can be applied to multiple industries for more efficient results and reduced costs. Applications of Hexa Tetra technology are conceivable in both the maritime and aeronautical industry. These applications are seen as a highly efficient and compact propulsion system, as well as a hydro- or air turbine for energy generation. Many other applications in other industries are conceivable as well, as the Hexa Tetra works as a highly efficient and compact positive displacement pump.


The rotational energy (swirl) of the typical propeller in a fluid generates a significant amount of wasted energy, which is dissipated via wakes and noise. The swirl of conventional ship propellers amounts to 70% (for inland ships) and 40% (for seagoing vessels) of the imparted energy and is wasted energy. The swirl losses depend on the diameter and rotation speed and are practically 30-70%. Because of the unique design, Hexa Tetra Propeller cancels out this rotational energy, reducing typical energy losses by 30-50%.

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Good centrifugal pumps typically reach 60% efficiency due to swirl (rotational energy) components. Hexa Tetra can uplift pump efficiency from 60% to 90%, resulting in energy savings of 33%. 50% of all generated electrical energy is used on pumps (industrial and households). The Hexa Tetra technology can contribute to 16,5% electric energy savings on pumps alone.

The equation used in Hexa Tetra technology gives an efficiency potential close to 100% depending on blade surface- and inflow area. These type of results are similar to the Betz optimum. Further advantages and properties of Hexa Tetra technology in pumps include:
Higher efficiency due to swirl-less operation
More compact due to high displacement volume per cycle and inflow surface
Quieter operation due to lower RPM


Wind Turbines

Wind streams can and should be utilized to run wind turbines. Areas where winds are more grounded and more consistent, for example, seaward and high height locales, are favored areas for wind ranches. Our intention for the proof of concept is the simplest first application as a highly-efficient energy-producing wind turbine. Typical wind installations have to be large and expensive. Hexa Tetra technology can create a highly-efficient, better-looking system that is stackable into almost any configuration.

The Hexa Tetra wind turbine can be projected at a kWh price of 0.07€ per kWh. Solar and wind should not be seen as competitors, but as complementary renewable energy sources. Together with upcoming technologies of storage, Hexa Tetra and partners can bring an effective renewable solution.